About Us

About Us

Aserraderos del CODO SAC was established in 2007 with the objective of processing timber from Forestry Plantations of Native species in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

As of today, ADC is the main and largest producer of Sawnwood from forestry plantations of Native species in Peru. 

ADC exclusively processes timber from Forestry Plantations of Native species of the Amazon Jungle. Species such as Bolaina Blanca, Marupa and Bixa, recognizing the importance of such Native Species Plantations as producers of Sawnwood, employment generators, ecological buffers and as the most effective way to stop the Amazon deforestation.


    The main cause for Deforestation in Peru´s Amazon Jungle is the Migratory Slash and Burn practice for Cattle rising and Agricultural activities. This activity represents over 75% of all deforestation causes.

    Slash and Burn is actually instigated by the lack of employment, the absence of capital and government assistance. Slash and Burn is the way for local inhabitants to access land and resources for their subsistence. The lack of capital, investment and technology prompts the poor use of lands creating a vicious cycle of Slash-Burn-Migrate that is destroying the Amazon.  

    In this context, Deforestation must be understood as a Social-Economic problem and as such its solution must come from socio-economic perspective.

    Reforestation, specifically Native Species Reforestation, presents as the main and most viable option to create a sound economic program, big enough to tackle the enormous amount of employment and sustainable development needed to stop the Slash and Burn cycle.

    Reforestation produces a significant amount of employment, not only in the planting and maintenance of the plantations but also in its industrialization and commercialization of its timber; creating many jobs that help local inhabitants refrain its need to access to resources via slash and burn of new lands.

    Reforestation is also a great way to contribute to CO2 sequestration and diminishing the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


    The importance in the usage of Native Species for the establishment of these plantations cannot be underestimated.

    NATIVE species plantations, in contrast to those of exotic species (i.e. Pine, Eucalyptus, Teak), allows the creation of a micro habitat within, that provide a great symbiosis between the Plantations and the Native Forests in the surrounding the areas.

    NATIVE species plantations provide an ideal habitat for the development of the micro fauna, fauna and flora, within the plantations; extending its benefits not only into the Socio-Economic plane but to the whole Ecosystem in general.


    The formalization of the Forestry sector is of much importance for ADC and for the future of the Amazon in Peru.

    All plantations that ADC works with are duly registered in the Peruvian National Register of Forestry Plantations provided by SERFOR. The SERFOR is the local branch of MINAGRI (Ministry of Agriculture) in charge of Forest Resources and Permits.

    The SERFOR Certification includes a series of prerequisites necessary for the Plantation to be registered and its harvest papers awarded.

    Among the main requests are a Property Land Title with Agricultural and Cattle Land Classification and USE of LANDS pre-approved. A digital map of the plantation and a visit by local authorities are also included in the process.

    This Certification allows us ascertain the legality of the timber we harvest as well as promoting an adequate use of land and forest resources.