Aserraderos del Codo SAC is the largest harvester of Timber from Plantations of Native Species of the Amazon Jungle in Peru.

ADC in joint venture with the largest Reforestation companies in the country has access to over 3,500 Hectares of Native Species Plantations. These plantations range from recently established to ready for Harvest assuring a constant and warranted supply of timber for the present and future of our customers.

Our products include Pre-Dimensioned Boards, both Kiln Dried and Air Dried for the Pallet and Packaging, Furniture, Moldings among other industries that use Timber as main resource.

For the Pallet and Packaging industries we provide with a diverse and complete range of pre dimensioned Boards both in 7´ and 8´ feet long ideal for a high efficiency in the use of timber.

For the Furniture, Doors and Molding industry we offer Clear Wood, Grade 1st, 2nd and 3rd quality timber for different products. We offer Kiln Dried boards, S4S or S2S